Join us in making the world a better place, one Buddy at a time.

Why become a Super Duper Buddy retailer?

Super Duper Buddy, LLC is a socially responsible, for profit company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, looking to bring joy to children in need.

Super Duper Buddy was inspired by our Founder & Chief Buddy Officer Jonathan Nichele's 9-year old niece Nicolle, who has been battling thyroid cancer for over 2 years.

Our goal is bring smiles to children going through a challenge or struggle, one Buddy at a time!

We're currently in the process of developing a line of sock animals, starting with a sock monkey called Buddy the Kind Monkey, whose superpower is Kindness. We're looking to partner with wonderful retailers around the US to sell our Buddies.

The Buddies are currently being manufactured in China and we should be receiving them by the first week of December.

One Buddy Purchased One Buddy Donated

For every Buddy the Kind Monkey purchased, another Buddy will be donated to a child in need!

The more Buddies we sell, the more Buddies we donate!

Every purchase will make a difference and we are committed to bringing joy to your local children in need.

We want the Buddy that is being donated to go to the same community where the Buddy that was purchased is.

Your costumers will be able to choose which local non profit will receive the Buddy that is being donated because of their purchase. When it comes time to deliver the Buddies, you and your employees are welcome to join us, take pictures, videos, let's make sure everyone knows how awesome you are and how much joy you're bringing to the children in your local community.  They will be happy to know that because of their purchase, local children who are going through an illness, a challenge or struggle are receiving a Buddy.

Our Mission is to

Inspire. Empower. Spread Kindness!

We are committed to making a positive social impact in the world through simple acts of kindness while inspiring others to do the same.

Raising awareness to children's challenges, diseases, conditions and everyday struggles is the foundation of Super Duper Buddy.

Sharing their real life stories of bravery, compassion, resilience and kindness will hopefully inspire and empower others.

Delivering Kindness with Buddy the Kind Monkey!



Superpower: Kindness

Size: 18"

All new materials

Contents: Polyester Fiber and Pellets

Handmade in China

Meets or exceeds all US Standards

Recommended Ages 3+

Machine washable

MSRP: $39 (same as on

Wholesale price: (minimum order: 50 Buddies)

50-100 Buddies = $ 29.25/unit (25% profit)

101-150 Buddies: $ 27.30/unit (30% profit)

151-200 Buddies: $ 25.35/unit (35% profit)

201-250 Buddies: $ 24.18/unit (38% profit)

Because we're a brand new company and will be donating a Buddy for every Buddy that is purchased, our current profit margins are much lower than any traditional wholesaler.

We are working hard to make sure you get the best profit margins we can offer you.

By partnering with us now (purchasing your Buddies by Nov. 15th), we'll give you a 10% discount on your next order

Place an order by November 15th (or until supplies last) to receive the Buddies by December 15th, 2018.

Start taking pre-paid orders from your costumers today. Very Limited amount of Buddies.

Ready to sell Buddy the Kind Monkey?

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