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Matheus holding his Buddy at the beach

While our Founder and Chief Buddy Officer Jonathan’s young niece Nicolle was undergoing her years-long treatment for thyroid cancer, he would share her story with others. He soon learned of many other diseases, conditions, struggles and challenges that all children are faced with during their young lives.

He then decided he wanted to do something to make a difference.

The idea for Super Duper Buddy was born one day when Jonathan was looking at a sock monkey he had bought for himself a few years earlier, that he had named Buddy.  Yes, he did buy a sock monkey for himself as an adult. It was adorable, why not?! And he thought that every child deserves a "Buddy." He thought that if a sock monkey could make him as happy as an adult, it would certainly bring smiles to children's faces.


More than a smile, with this simple act of kindness by giving them a Buddy, it would take them to a happier place, at least for a brief moment, removing them from whatever hardships and challenges they might be facing;  it would show them that they are not alone; and hopefully inspire them to play and give them the strength to overcome their struggles. 

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